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New Color:

An authentic emblem of Sustainable Beauty, A NEW COLOUR is an innovative system in 3 components, for permanent colouring with truly extraordinary results which avoid the use of ammonia, making use instead of the properties of natural active ingredients which are carefully balanced. A versatile system designed to work on target, guaranteeing excellent performance with extreme simplicity in use and no waste, whether covering white hair, lightening or darkening or changing reflects.
The strong point of the formulations, the same colourings used by Nature to create its chromatic glory day after day: carotenoids – vegetable pigments with an antioxidant action (that influence the colouring of various creatures including insects), and vegetable melanin, an antioxidant
and anti-free radical, extracted from the date palm. To create the alkaline environment on the hair necessary for the pigments to penetrate, Davineslaboratories have replaced ammonia by monoethanolamine.
The result is a striking image, highly dignified, which makes the very most of Davines’ new colour frontier more than ever before.
Available in 43 different shades.


Behind the name Mask lies a ritual value, something magic. In many ancient societies, a mask allowed the individual wearing it to renounce his own identity in order to welcome the divine one. Mask colour allows the individual to wear pure color, representing it in all its aspects and light effects.
Davines formulated their permanent colour conditioning system with Hydrolyzed Milk Proteins and conditioning ingredients to create brilliant, long .lasting color while also preserving the integrity of the hair. The wide range of nuances offers highly predictable results, guarantees 100% uniform coverage and vibrant colours that is extraordinarily shiny. Colouring with milk proteins is a new generation permanent cosmetic coloring system enriched with milk proteins, an antioxidant system with vitamin C, carefully selected monometric pigments and an eco-certified natural surface-active agent which gently cleanses the scalp during the rinsing phase. It guarantees long lasting, intense and beautifully natural colors as well as exceptionally soft, luminous hair with lots of body.

Mask Light:

Experience the lighter side of Mask Colour with the demi-permanent version.
Davines. latest-generation demi-permanent colouring system combines flawless performance with a protective and restructuring treatment during the colouring process. For this partner line to Mask colour, we developed delicate formulations that create beautiful, natural tones that remain vibrant for the 14-16 washes while preserving and restoring the health of the hair, leaving it full of body and shine. Mask Light is a restructuring demi-permanent colouring system without ammonia, enriched with brassica campestris with strong soothing properties, wheat peptides with a restructuring action and a palm derivative which guarantees shine and a moisturizing action.
The path includes: Mask Light tone on tone color service + specific shampoo + post color treatment.

L.Art Decolor

Davines found inspiration in the world of painting and its colours for the state-of-the-art bleaching and toning system that fuses pure ground pigment and science to enhance creative expression.
They created L.Art Decolor for the demanding hairstylist in need of a set of quick and versatile creative tools to lighten and tone simultaneously. The six direct- pigment (pure ground pigment) conditioning toners can be used on any hair type to revive old streaks or for complete decolouring and stripping, while also respecting the hair structure and guaranteeing amazing shine and softness.

Finest Pigments:

Formulated with up to 98% natural derived ingredients.
Finest Pigments is a gentle colour sysem, simple and fast to use without ammonia and does not require an activator. The 14 nuances Finest Pigments can be mixed together and with the finest gloss to create limitless possibilities.

Alchemic System:

The word alchemy comes from the Arabic of .Al-kimia. which means the chemistry of the supreme. Alchemic System represents an alchemic experience in its search for pure colour through the nobility of the pigment and the incomparableness of its final essence, the formula.
Our scientist distilled pure colour pigments and added them with precious creams to create 6 shampoos and 6 conditioners that enhance natural and coloured hair, maintaining the intensity of the colour between services. It illuminates and accentuates natural colour, enriching the hair with beautiful shades while providing internal strength, protection and shine.

Body Bar Coloring Services

Extra charges may apply if extra product is needed for colour balance or longer hair
Colour Consultations are recommended and always commplementary